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Sandstone Cavaliers
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A lifetime friend for the friend of a lifetime
Whether you are new to the Cavalier breed and looking to adopt a new member to your family or deciding on whether to add to your current family of pets, you will fall in love with this breed.

Let me tell you a little bit about me and my love of Cavaliers.

I fell in love with the breed about 20 years ago but it was a while before I found the perfect puppy.  I called on an ad in the local paper and made an appointment to go see the puppies that I had only dreamt of ever adopting. 
We walked into the back room of the house and these 4 little tri colored bundles just charged me. This was going to be a tough decision. I was sold on the breed, but which one to take home with me?? I knew I wanted a tri color  so this was at least a start! The litter consisted of 4 tri's and 1 blenheim. We went out to the backyard and played and I watched them run and stumble all over each other but I couldn't get any of them to sit still with me so I could get to know their distinct personality except for the one little blenheim girl. I stayed for over 2 hours playing with the puppies but the blenheim puppy just would not leave my side. I came back the next day and the same thing, none of the tris were interested in me but this little blenheim girl ran to me and cuddled for over 30 minutes. 
Well needless to say, guess who picked me?

From that moment on I realized that you don't always have the final say. You don't always just pick the one you want, you have to be aware of the one who really wants you!

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